Spartanburg is one of only five communities nationwide chosen to participate in the Way to Wellville, a national challenge designed to demonstrate the value of investing in health. The Way to Wellville inspires our community to create changes that lead to better health.


Spartanburg's Way to Wellville

Residents, nonprofits, businesses, and other leaders are encouraged to work together to cultivate health through innovative projects, while also attracting investors, tracking progress, and motivating other communities. We've accepted the challenge.

In Spartanburg, we understand that health is both physical and mental, and that it is determined by individual, family, and community factors. We also understand that health is interconnected with socio-economic status and education and we need strategies to address them all. We take a bold approach to collaboration and investment to shake up the seemingly overwhelming issue of community well-being.

We recognize that Spartanburg has many community initiatives doing incredible work to address the social determinates of health; our goal is to partner with them to assist them in strengthening existing programs and developing new initiatives. We believe participation in the Way to Wellville challenge will help us amplify and accelerate solutions to improve community health. 

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